About Us

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Here’s How It Works for Customers

01. Go to our customer-facing portal:

02. Search for the local pharmacy of your choice

03. Select the pharmacy you prefer

04. Place your order!



At PhyDigi we believe everyone deserves a level playing field, local pharmacies and medicine stores should be able to serve their customer base in a rapidly expanding online world and compete with e-pharmacies while still maintaining the human connect. This idea and belief is the foundation of PhyDigi.

We enable businesses transform from being a physical-only business to a Phydigital business allowing them to take advantage of the best of both the physical and digital experiences on a single platform.


The future of business is digital and connected. Our vision is to help you get there. We do all the hard work so our clients can leapfrog in to the future faster, secure and at low-cost.


Whether it is about being cutting edge or the bleeding edge, our experts leverage the most advanced technologies, to help your business stay relevant, future-ready and competitive.


Connecting India to over 1 Million Pharmacies!

The charm and attraction of your neighborhood pharmacy is that you have a relationship with them built on trust over the years. By going to the same pharmacy your parents and grandparents have always used, you feel connected to a community of people.

What if you could put a digital spin on it?

We digitally connect you to your trusted local pharmacy so that you have the convenience of placing orders online without the hassle of waiting in long queues. You can easily upload your prescriptions, reorder or connect with your pharmacist through our platform. Best of all, you continue supporting your local pharmacy!


We make it easy for customers to find their local pharmacies with just one click!

We are completely focused on building verticalized solutions for retail pharmacy businesses to improve their business and technology landscape. PhyDigi makes it possible for you to remain personally connected to your customers while still being competitive in a digital market.