PhyDigi Digital Platforms LLP, announced the launch of their new digital product Order Ahead earlier this month

PhyDigi Digital Platforms LLP, announced the launch of their new digital product Order Ahead earlier this month. “Order Ahead” is a mobile app catering to local retail pharmacies to manage their customer orders from the convenience of their mobile phones.

PhyDigi also launched Itsmypharma , first-of-its-kind exclusive local pharmacy listing and pre-order platform that allows customers to search and pre-order medicines from their trusted local pharmacy.Speaking about the launch in Bangalore Ms. Priya Nair, Managing Director, PhyDigi said “Local retail pharmacies have always been the backbone of our community and the Covid-19 pandemic has re enforced their contribution to our society. Growing competition from well-funded online retail pharmacies to the rising customer expectations are some of the key challenges faced by them. At PhyDigi, we believe that local retail pharmacies are well placed to play a larger role in the health and wellbeing of the community and adoption of digital is critical for them to drive business efficiency and growth. Order Ahead app aims to help the pharmacy achieve this. The app is currently in pilot in over 15 states across the country. Bangalore with over 30 local pharmacies is a very strategic market for us mainly due to tech-savvy demographic on both the buyer and seller side.”

Order Ahead is essentially a pre-order solution that helps local pharmacies provide a digital experience to their customers through their own online branded store. Customers can place medicine orders in advance and have an option of in-store pick-up or home delivery. This helps pharmacies to better manage their shelf stock and reduce expiries while ensuring no customer is lost due to unavailabity of medicines.

To enable customers find and order from registered local pharmacies, PhyDigi has created The portal is accessible via. internet browsers from both Android and Apple Phones. No App downloads are required.

Further,explaining Itmypharma Ms. Nair said “The pandemic has accelerated the ecommerce industry and also changed the way customers chose to shop, with many traditionally offline customers coming online including for medicines. Itsmypharma offers to its customers the convenience of pre ordering medicines online from their local pharmacy

In the coming days, PhyDigi plans to connect every digital customer to their local pharmacy through their platform. Our product roadmap is built to help both, pharmacies and their customers benefit from technology advancement and a range of innovative value added services to help pharmacies grow their business.


Connecting India to over 1 Million Pharmacies!

The charm and attraction of your neighborhood pharmacy is that you have a relationship with them built on trust over the years. By going to the same pharmacy your parents and grandparents have always used, you feel connected to a community of people.

What if you could put a digital spin on it?

We digitally connect you to your trusted local pharmacy so that you have the convenience of placing orders online without the hassle of waiting in long queues. You can easily upload your prescriptions, reorder or connect with your pharmacist through our platform. Best of all, you continue supporting your local pharmacy!


We make it easy for customers to find their local pharmacies with just one click!

We are completely focused on building verticalized solutions for retail pharmacy businesses to improve their business and technology landscape. PhyDigi makes it possible for you to remain personally connected to your customers while still being competitive in a digital market.